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PMC Silesia is uniquely qualified to provide the oversight required to deliver your projects on time and to your expected standard of quality, scope, and function. Our experts understand the challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process.

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PMC Silesia provides multi-disciplinary construction management consulting services for construction and engineering projects around the globe. PMC services owners, contractors, government agencies, architects, engineers, financial institutions, and insurance companies in all industries regardless of size, scope, or complexity from concept through project closeout.

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Crafting construction excellence

Scope of Work


Construction Oversight

Construction oversight requirements vary depending on the project’s degree of complexity, its importance, political sensitivities, citizen interest, and contractor competence. From feasibility studies to developing and maintaining project schedules and budgets to construction contracts and change order administration, PMC Silesia provides the necessary level of attention and oversight for your project.


Constructability Review

PMC Silesia assesses the accuracy and completeness of construction plans and specifications and validates schedules and budgets. An effective constructability review looks for document completeness and inconsistencies, potential liability, coordination issues, and missed details. The review also identifies and eliminates ambiguities and contract language that contribute to unnecessary construction change orders, disputes, and adversarial relationships between the contractor, owner, designer, and project stakeholders.


Contract Administration

Contract and procurement management are core services PMC Silesia provides at the onset of a project or program especially with large experience with FIDIC Contracts forms (Yellow, Red and Silver Books). Our experience includes upgrading contract documents, preparing requests for proposals, and participating in or facilitating contractor bid review and selection. We also assist in developing a contract/procurement strategy designed to capitalize on market condition advantages without compromising the overall project timetable. When these efforts occur during the early phases of a project’s life cycle, Spire’s input can add tremendous value to the project.


Construction Scheduling

PMC Silesia keeps projects on schedule. We are experts in developing, evaluating, and maintaining design and construction schedules. Using Project 4D™, ConstructSim™, Primavera™, Claim Digger™, Microsoft Project™, and Finest Hour™for planning projects, we develop schedules during design to determine the initial schedule, project duration, and critical project activities. We create schedules to monitor activities during construction, analyze changed conditions and delays, and evaluate their impact on project completion. Post-construction, we use schedules to facilitate project closeout and analyze claims that arise.


Cost Estimating

From planning estimates and detailed design estimates to independent cost estimates and change order reviews during construction and closeout, PMC Silesia specializes in construction cost estimating. In addition to traditional estimating methods, PMC Silesia has led the industry in using state-of-the-art techniques to assess contingency by evaluating the uncertainty level in each portion of the estimate. Spire’s Consultants can also perform more detailed estimates that provide owners with a range of costs and the probability of remaining below a particular cost ceiling.


Change Order Management

Resolving change order situations early minimizes costs and avoids schedule disruptions. PMC Silesia develops and manages the change order process for owners, contractors, and subcontractors on multimillion-dollar projects, including labor rate compliance, change order metrics, and contract entitlement.

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